I cut my journalistic teeth running one of Britain's oldest culture and current affairs magazines, New Humanist, before joining The Associated Press as a news editor in 2005.

A year later I was hired by legendary AP bureau chief Sandy Higgins to join the Geneva bureau, where I worked as a correspondent covering the United Nations, Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

In 2012 I transferred to Berlin, reporting on Merkel, neo-Nazis, Neanderthals and much else. My work as taken me to Afghanistan and the Arctic, Istanbul and Washington, Sicily and Sochi, and a lot of places in between.

I've covered Brexit, the migrant crisis, terror attacks and the rise of the far right, but also court cases, outrageous heists, pandemics and countless quirky stuff. From 2017 I led the AP's climate coverage in Europe and at five COPs.

My writing and photography has been published in most major (and minor) newspapers in the United States and Europe.

Google Books lists hundreds of citations of my articles in books and journals.

My questions have angered Vladimir Putin, Mahmoud Abbas, Friedrich Merz and the Egyptian government.

I have given numerous interviews on radio and TV, moderated events and participated in public panels.

In 2023 I decided to take a break from journalism to join Agora Industry, a Berlin-based think tank tackling one of the most important topics around climate change. There, I oversee communications for Agora's work on industrial decarbonization and hydrogen.

Watch this space!

fj%20interviewing%20refugees (picture by AP's Markus Schreiber)